NAMCA 20 Years Anniversary



Greetings Balebe,

I cannot say how much I appreciate you all who attended this first
NAMCA past leaders meeting. It is a phenomenon moment for me.  I
understand some of you have very busy schedules and we will ask that you
RSVP should there be items to vote on as required
by the constitution.

This meeting was all worth the 1 hour of productivity and shows how
you all participated in leading and growing this organization at
different stages of its life.  Please read on for yourself.

Key Actions

Determine activities for

  1. Plan A: On-site meeting in New York
  2. Plan B: Virtual meeting
  3. What
    each leader will bring to the table in terms of their leadership period
    (documentation, pictures, videos, projects, key players, challenges and
  4. Database of Bamasaaba. Each region has a number of
    Bamasaaba on WhatsApp or group Email. Request leaders to share for
    larger outreach
  5. What small project can be done for visibility and a rethink of the ERC as a flagship project?
  6. What culture, language activities to plan for?.
  7. Please pick one or more items and let us know what help you need.
  8. Not
    Discussed at this point but to bear in mind. What budget will we be
    looking at? Where will the money come from? How will we raise the money?
    To align with activities.

Sincerely ,

Betty Wakou,

President NAMCA.

Frequently Asked Questions to Attend NAMCA Convention

What do I do to get an invitation the anniversary?

  • The person inviting him/herself must become first become a paid up members (See details in table below).
  • If you have a relative in the diaspora inviting you, your friend or relative must be a Member who has paid membership fees plus $25 processing fees for each person to be invited.
  • NAMCA members are entitled to invite a maximum of two people.
  • If you are a NAMCA paid up member in Uganda, you still have to pay the processing fee, send the secretary your receipts for post bank and he will forward your invitation letter, if you want the letter mailed please provide your mailing address.
  • For some of you that have attended previous AGMs by invitation, you still need a NAMCA invitation letter that you will present at the US Embassy for the visa application. A processing fee of $25 applies.
  • Ensure that the Secretary has your email or postal address and telephone number(s).
  • For communication with the secretary please call, use WhatsApp 701-318-6716 or email
  • For Payment details please visit our website at: and pay. Once you have paid, submit your receipt to the Treasurer at Email:

How Do I Pay My membership Dues, Processing and Registration Fees and Hotel Registration?

  1. Do you have access to the internet? (√)
  2. Do you have a bank card with VISA? (√)
  3. Can You Pay at PostBank Uganda? (√)
  1. Go to go to membership and apply
  2. Go to go to AGM registration, look for attend in a red box, click and pay using your visa card
  3. Internet access: Ask the NAMCA Representative in Uganda,

  1. If you need to wire money using your bank, MoneyGram or Western Union, we can provide you with additional details. Contact the
  1. Pay at PostBank in Uganda: Pay all your dues here

Account name; North America Masaba Cultural Association (NAMCA)

  • If depositing in UGX: 111 003 700 1281
  • If depositing in USD: 111 003 700 1278

What so I do with the invitation letter?

Apply for a US Visa at the American Embassy.

Where is the anniversary Location?

Details will be communicated

How do I make the hotel reservation?

Go online and make your booking. You need to have a credit card or bank card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).

Can I cancel my hotel booking without charge?

When you cannot make it, you have up to 24 hours to cancel with no penalty. Remember to cancel bearing in mind the time difference between the two countries.

Does the hotel have a shuttle service?

The hotel does not offer shuttle service, so transportation from the airport using a cab costs between $40-$60 one way.

Do you have alternative accommodations? E.g. hotel, Airbnb, free places to stay.

The anniversary committee is looking into these alternative and will communicate details. Please check the website for updated information or check with Dr. Mungoma.

Alternative hotels: The anniversary committee will share a list with prices.

Airbnb: The convention committee can look up homes if you indicate this as an option. They will share the information and you can go and reserve online.

Ensure you know the cancellation rules of your reservation should you not make it here.

Host home:  The convention committee is looking into finding host homes for some people to stay? Please be prepared to pay host agreed upon costs.

Can NAMCA organizers assist with Airport to hotel transport?

The committee is looking into community transportation, a fee will be applied. Transportation will depend on how many people register to attend.

What is the daily cost of upkeep for meals?

Plan on spending $60-$100 depending on your lifestyle. Does NOT include your transport and accommodation costs.

Deadline for invitation letters will be communicated

Bear in mind the US Embassy visa application scheduling.

Be sure to have you Visa appointment in good time. It may take more than 30 days to set an appointment for your visa application. Allow plenty of time.

Be sure to cancel your accommodations early if Visa is denied.

The following are established guidelines:



USA Uganda Package benefits
Individual Membership

1.   $ 50

2.   Can vote and participate in elections.

UGX 50,000

Cannot vote until constitution is amended

1.      Covers one person for one calendar year.

2.   Renewable on an annual basis.

Processing fees $25: Can pay for the member they are inviting $25 pay if wish to attend convention
Registration Dues