Who We Are

We Help People on approach to living and serving well. It encompasses four simple phases: Learn, Discover, and Act.

The North America Masaba Association(NAMCA) is a member
driven organization that unites Bamasaba in the diaspora. NAMCA organizes to
achieve personal and community social and economic goals. It’s also a forum to
socialize and celebrate Masaba

Our Great Team

We strive to be part of, and support efforts at allleviating the social econimic wellbeing of the bamasaba in bugisu and beyond by mobilizing the power of volunteers and donors. We are fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision to advance wellfare of the communities through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

Our Strategic Plan helps to identify most vulnerable areas of concern and develop plans for intervention

There are extensive community service opportunities for those looking for volunteer work that will help the impoverished and suffering throughout the Masaabaland. NAMCA’s work is only possible because of our dedicated volunteers, our members and our donors. 

Getting to know NAMCA

Brief “FAQ”: the What, Why, Where, When, Whose, and How of NAMCA

By Moses Khisa (mkhisa@namca.us)

What’s NAMCA?

A non-partisan membership organization that brings together people from Bugisu/Masaba sub-region of Uganda resident in North America (the US and Canada). NAMCA seeks to connect the North American diaspora with the motherland. Membership in NAMCA is equal and open to all regardless of sex, age, religion, creed or any other marker of identity. 

Betty Wakou


Anthony Walekhwa Wamono


Joseph Mulindwa 


Milly Peke Wori

BOARD Treasurer

When was NAMCA Founded
NAMCA is the second oldest Uganda diaspora association. Only the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) is older than NAMCA. The former was established in 1988 and NAMCA was founded in 2001. Many other Uganda diaspora associations formed subsequently derived their inspiration and motivation from NAMCA.

Bugisu sub-region needs a collective voice at home and united front in the diaspora. Therefore, the overarching mission of NAMCA is to be a platform for cultural
unity and collective development. It seeks to advance the socioeconomic and cultural needs of its members in North America and contribute to the socioeconomic and cultural development of Bugisu.

Where is NAMCA
Historically NAMCA has had its presence across the United States and Canada. Because it’s a membership organization, NAMCA exists amongst its members. This means that without an active membership there is no NAMCA. NAMCA also partners with other Bagisu forcused organizations across the globe like IMUKA in UK and Bamasaaba Association Of South Africa among others 

Whose is it?
NAMCA belongs to its members. Its’s the membership that owns the organization and it’s they who determine the course the organization takes and the causes it
advances. Decisions are made by registered members and elected leaders. There is equal 
membership and a shared stake. No one individual or group can have more say than others. If that is the case then the organization ceases being a membership association.

How does NAMCA advance its mission?
Through community mobilization and outreach in North America; 
·        By providing tools and avenues for connecting  Bamasaba in North America and at home;
·        Facilitating resource exchanges and sharing during times of grief and moments of celebrating achievements. 
·        Contributing to Lumasaba literacy in the diaspora; 
·        Convening an Annual General Meeting to deliberate on critical issues;
·         Through community development projects;
·        By supporting its members who are engaged in social development initiatives.

What’s the governance structure?

NAMCA’s mission belongs to its members. Thus, the members through an Annual General Meeting (AGM) elect an Executive (of 6 people) and Board of Directors (9) for a two-year term. This means that the AGM is the highest decision-making body whose powers are delegated to an elected Executive and the Board. Executive and Board members work together under the leadership a President. The current (interim) Board President is Dr. Betty Wakou.

 In addition, the organization has a Board of Trustees which is called “The Founders’ Council” (FC). Any organization needs a BoT that holds the organization and its assets in trust for the members. Unfortunately, NAMCA’s BoT carries a name that has been unnecessarily divisive and a source of acrimony. This has to be rectified in the near future for the good of the
organization and the entirety of its membership. The current Chair of the FC/BoT is Mr. Nicholas Wakou.

NAMCA also operates through several standing and sessional committees. Every committee is chaired by a member of the Board but includes both Board and
non-Board members.

Make A Donation

Giving a donation to NAMCA can help us to reach more Bamasaaba and transform their lives for the better. Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.