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Since its incoporation in 2001, NAMCA’s
Mission has remained to facilitate connections to Masaaba
culture, mobilize change agents to improve people’s lives and provide
leadership and advocacy on issues of concern in communities we serve

At NAMCA, we believe that every child in the Masaabaland deserves a quality education
We support sustainable livelihoods through knowledge, innovation and transformation
Accountability and delivery of public services in health, employment and education
We work collaboratively with partners to develop Lumasaaba language, culture and values

Kimitambo bebulebe!

On behalf of the NAMCA members and Bamasaaba in the diaspora, and with deep sorrow, I announce the passing on of the late Umukuuka II, Bob Soul Kipiro Mushikori today January 4, 2021 at his residence.

The late Umukuuka Bob SK Mushikori was until recently (June 29th, 2020) the cultural leader for the Inzu Ya Masaaba, cultural institution (2015– 2020)

The late Bob SK Mushikiori is one of the founder members of NAMCA, and he served in many capacities on the NAMCA board and later served as the President of NAMCA from 2009 to 2011.

Prior to his election as Cultural leader to Inzu Ya Masaaba, the late Bob SK Mushikori served as the Foreign Affairs (Diaspora) Minister of Inzu Ya Masaaba.

The late Bob SK Mushikori leaves behind children and grandchildren.

The late Bob SK Mushikori always called home the Land of BaMasaaba. He always ended his letters with “Lwe Butwela in Khutsohatsohana Khwe BaMasaaba” and signed as Umusakhulu UMukuuka we BaMasaaba.

Details of funeral arrangements will be communicated as we receive them from Inzu Ya Masaaba

Please pray for Inzu Ya Masaba for unity, pray for BaMasaaba and the family and friends of the late Bob SK Mushikori.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Betty Wakou
President NAMCA.



The vision of NAMCA is to promote Masaaba Language and Culture globally
and enhance people’s well-being in communities we serve.

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