Masaaba land

The Home Land

The Dance

The Uniting Rythem

Upon This Mountain

The Land, The People and the Heritage

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The vision of NAMCA is to promote Masaaba Language and Culture globally
and enhance people’s well-being in communities we serve.

Since its incoporation in 2001, NAMCA’s
Mission has remained to facilitate connections to Masaaba
culture, mobilize change agents to improve people’s lives and provide
leadership and advocacy on issues of concern in communities we serve

At NAMCA, we believe that every child in the Masaabaland deserves a quality education
We support sustainable livelihoods through knowledge, innovation and transformation
Accountability and delivery of public services in health, employment and education
We work collaboratively with partners to develop Lumasaaba language, culture and values

PROJECTS: Done and yet to be done

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the people of Masaabaland – Education, food security, improved livelihood, responsible leaders

Let's change lives

If you have a particular cause you are passionate about, NAMCA is the perfect place to start! Partner with us

Change Lives with Your Gift

Giving a donation to NAMCA can help us to reach more Bamasaaba to transform their lives for the better. Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.